This status report was written by Margaret E. Greene, Brian Heilman, Gary Barker, Deboleena Rakshit, and Taveeshi Gupta, with support from many others. The authors express their thanks and appreciation to every respondent, data collector, field coordinator, research leader, strategic advisory group member, partner, and friend who has offered their time, commitment, and wisdom to this undertaking. The work presented herein reflects the contributions of thousands of people, truly in all corners of the globe, and maximizing the value and impact of their contributions is a privilege and ideal the authors do not take lightly. 

We thank the many IMAGES country partners over the years who led the implementation and analysis in their countries and added nuance, cultural relevance, and insights to the reports and advocacy in their respective countries, as well as to IMAGES overall. For a full list of the countries where IMAGES has been carried out to date, and the reports and publications for each, please see

We thank our Equimundo (previously Promundo-US) colleagues, past and present, whose deep investment in this work at different periods ensured the quality and relevance of the data we are now able to analyze. Thank you especially to Nina Ford, Natko Gereš, Alexa Hassink, Ruti Levtov, and Annaick Miller. We are grateful to Roma Richardson and Damian Ashton for their contributions to ensuring the quality of many IMAGES products and for communicating their powerful findings.

The data harmonization across the surveys was guided with enormous competence by Deboleena Rakshit, who made it possible to build the full data set and conduct the comparative analyses featured in this status report. Thank you to Christopher Frye and Heather Krause at Datassist, who completed the monumental task of consolidating the original data sets and instruments across 32 countries.

Thank you also to the International Center for Research on Women, the co-creator of IMAGES at the time of the project’s inception in 2008. For the initial development of the IMAGES questionnaire, we want to thank Pranita Achyut, Francisco Aguayo, Juan Manuel Contreras, Abhijit Das, Madhumita Das, Mary Ellsberg, Juan Guillermo Figueroa, Emma Fulu, Øystein Gullvåg Holter, Rachel Jewkes, James Lang, Jørgen Lorenzten, Benedito Medrado, Robert Morrell, Tatiana Moura, Marcos Nascimento, Dean Peacock, Christine Ricardo, Márcio Segundo, Ajay K. Singh, Henny Slegh, and Ravi Verma. 

Suggested Citation

Equimundo. (2022). The International Men and Gender Equality Survey: A status report on men, women, and gender equality in 15 headlines. Washington, DC: Equimundo. 


© 2022 Equimundo

The vision for IMAGES was first realized through support from the John D and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the Government of Norway. These three donors funded the original development of the survey and its implementation in the first set of countries. 

The opportunity to bring all of the surveys together and produce this status report was supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which funded the multiyear effort of streamlining and optimizing the data sets from all around the world and establishing a new IMAGES website, manual, and research-to-action toolkit, all available at This status report was supported by the United Nations Population Fund, and the authors thank Leyla Sharafi, Nafissatou Diop, Mengjia Liang, Witness Chirina, Mar Jubero, Alexandra Robinson, Rachel Snow, Julitta Onabanjo, Marten Kivi, and Ramz Shalbak for their partnership.

Thank you to Jill Merriman for copyediting this document and to Radish Lab for its print and web design.